DIY magnetic spice jars

Recently I bought this magnetic spice rack from Aldi:

Magnetic spice rack
Magnetic spice rack – BEFORE

Cute, huh? Unfortunately, when I opened it the package the magnets immediately fell off the board they were attached to, before I’d even placed the jars on there.

I decided to do a little hack and attach the magnets to the spice jars instead. This way, I can stick the jars directly on my fridge without the need for the stand. Problem solved – with the added bonus of saving some counter space! Although I did this using a pack from Aldi, you could easily make something similar using any small container, some strong magnets and glue. Here’s how:

  1. Wash and dry the spice jars thoroughly.
  2. Pry off the remaining magnets from the bamboo stand with a knife.
    Magnetic spice rack
    Magnetic spice rack – broken stand


  3. Stick one magnet to the bottom of each jar. While the magnet adhesive wasn’t strong enough to stick to the bamboo stand, it is more than strong enough to stick directly to the jars (though you could always use super glue for extra durability).
    Magnetic spice jars
    Adding the magnets to the jars


  4. Fill with spices and voilà – magnetic spice jars you can put straight on your fridge!
    Magnetic spice jars
    End result – cute magnetic spice jars!



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