Framed tea towel wall art

Looking for a unique art piece to adorn your walls? Think outside the box and look at using textiles instead of expensive art prints. Options include pretty fabric, a cool tee (vintage slogan/band tees would work well) or in this case – a $3 tea towel from Kmart.

Framed tea towel wall art
Framed tea towel wall art

If using a tea towel, you can get a little extra fabric out of it by unpicking the hem. This may be needed if you’re using a large frame.

Unpicking the hem

Before framing your fabric, you should iron out all the creases. For best results, iron the reverse side of the fabric. For stubborn creases, spritz them lightly with water before ironing.

Iron out the creases
Iron out the creases

Insert your fabric into your frame, then close with the frame backing.

Framing the tea towel
Framing the tea towel

Voila! Your brand new wall art is ready to hang. I tried it with two tea towels and love them both! Which do you prefer – the palm trees or the cactus?

Palm trees wall art
Palm trees wall art

Cactus wall art

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